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2015 started out as a very challenging year for me. I was in a very difficult career and personal funk, and needed help to build the skills that would get me out of that funk. Serendipity being what it is, at the same time, Tamara Connell was starting her Integral Coaching Canada training. I was fortunate to be one of her two 'practice' students.

We were able to jointly identify what I needed to work on to further my personal and professional development. She gave me very useful exercises, and our sessions together allowed me to identify some of the barriers I have to success and she provided me with tips on how to address my weaknesses.

I really appreciate the friendship, the companionship and the mentorship Tamara has provided me with. Our training arrangement has been incredibly useful in getting me to a much more secure and happy place in life.

If you're looking for help to get through a difficult patch or to make that next step in your development, I encourage you to connect with Tamara.
-A.M. (Victoria, BC)
​I found the coaching program with Tamara to have immense benefit to my life. I struggled with setting clear boundaries with others, and while I know I’m not yet 100% consistent, I’ve made excellent progress to this both at home and at work.

Tamara was great to work with – insightful, intuitive, supportive, and caring. She helped me to see my patterns and drafted practices to slowly integrate new behaviours.

I highly recommend Tamara to anyone looking to make shifts in their personal and professional lives.
- B.E. (Langley, BC.)


Professional Coaching

​Tamara is an intuitive, intelligent, and thoughtful coach who took me through a valuable process to help me develop a fresh approach to living my life with greater balance and meaning. 
- R.E. (Chicago, IL)

Tamara here, founder of Kitesh Leadership, and Integral Associate

I bet you're curious to know more about coaching and why
it seems to be all the rage. Many people are asking me the same

Coaching is helpful to anyone who feels 'stuck'. It might sound like this in your head:
  • I'd really like to be better able to draw boundaries with others. 
  • I'd really like to exhibit more confidence at work... or while dating... or just in general.
  • I'd really like to better at helping my direct reports excel and take projects on their own.
  • I'd really like to be more proactive at work so that I can enhance the organization's performance, or advance my career.
  • I'd really like to be better at communicating my desires.

You see, coaching helps with a lot of different things and we could explore those together on an initial free 30 minute call. If we've chatted and you feel good about me and my approach, we can begin a one-on-one coaching program.

What does a coaching program entail?

The one-on-one coaching programs that I'm currently offering are 4-5 month long engagements. We'll meet in person or by videoconference once every 3 weeks. In the first meeting, we'll talk about your challenge or issue, how you've been approaching it, and why it's important to you that you make a breakthrough here. I'll ask a lot of questions to learn more about you, and more about the challenge. After our second meeting, I'll assign you small daily tasks. Typically these require only about 15-20 minutes per day and it will be my responsibility to customize these so that it fits into your life as seamlessly as possible, and makes some step-by-step progress towards your goal. The first, second, and final calls are generally 75-90 minutes while the third, fourth, and fifth are just 60 minutes. I'm accessible by email throughout our engagement.

What approach is used?

The approach that I've been trained in is called the Integral Coaching Canada method. You can read more about it on their website. It's a rigorous approach that aims to build your capacities in a way that is sustainable, such that you can continue to react and make decisions with your new capabilities in a continued manner, long after we've finished our initial session.

Using the Integral Coaching Canada method, I blend in activities that I've used and seen over my 10+ years of personal and organizational leadership development. I like to make things fun for my clients, and always do my best to listen carefully to you, so that the coaching program gets precisely customized.

What are the costs?

While I'm working to achieve my International Accreditation, I'm offering a discounted price for the 4-5 month package. What I ask in return is that you take a few extra minutes at the completion of our course to offer me specific feedback, and if you feel it's appropriate, provide a written testimonial. Friend, family, and colleague referrals are an extra bonus!

Until otherwise posted, the discounted package costs $1500 Canadian, plus applicable taxes.

Want to learn more?

Head over to the contact page and drop me a line. Let me know a few sentences about you and please suggest which parts of the day or which days are best to get in touch. I'll follow up by email as soon as I can. I do have a full-time job, so I hope you can appreciate if it sometimes takes me 24hrs to respond.

Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon.