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Study in Sweden Applications

Kitesh is a registered Agent at the Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) in Karlskrona, Sweden. This means that we are one of a few organizations globally who are contracted to assist with student recruitment and applications. Kitesh works globally and can assist with applications to any program at BTH.

We are able to assist fee-paying students who are applying to BTH with the following FREE services: 
  •  Support in understanding which programs are best for you;
  • Support in understanding what living in Sweden entails;
  • Support in understanding the application process including making suggestions for how to strengthen your application; and
  • Assistance in understanding what scholarship options are known for applicants of your particular region.

We may also be able to assist with the following PAID services:
  • Securing accommodation and booking travel (including airport pick-ups) and
  • Mailing paperwork.

We are *not* able to offer admission to the programmes, nor affect the decision-making regarding who is admitted. 

Typically application fees apply for the use of UniversityAdmission.se, which is required for your application - this is done directly at the UniversityAdmissions.se online application site. 

Note that if you are an EU citizen, or have special rights to Swedish residency, you are not required to pay tuition fees. See here for more information. If this applies to you, Kitesh unfortunately provides limited services.